Helpful Articles

1.  Agency Relationships.

Agency is how buyers and sellers are represented by real estate brokerages. The Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships explains the different types of representation available.   They include:  Representing the Seller, Representing buyers, Dual Agency, and Representing both the buyer and seller.  

2.  Everything you want to know about working with an Agent. 

Real estate agents can make or break your deal, you owe it yourself and to your financial future to understand how agents work.  

3. Why contracts fail.

Contracts can fail for many reasons.  The house needs too much work for the type of loan for which you are pre-approved.   The home inspection reveals issues that the seller is not willing to repair or willing to renegotiate the purchase price. The appraised value is lower than the purchase price and seller is not willing to renegotiate. The appraisal requires repairs prior to closing in order to meet FHA or Conventional financing guidelines.  Your credit score changes (lenders usually check it again before closing). Your debt to income ratio changes.   (i.e:  do not buy a new car).   Knowing how to prevent these problems is the key to success!  Discuss potential issues with your lender and agent.

4.  Simple mortgage definitions - Escrow and PITI

There are four parts to a mortgage payment, Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance.   

5.  What types of loans are available?  

Choosing the correct loan is a very important part of the home buying process! Learn your options.  

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