What to Expect After Listing

You have decided your market strategy and are now ready to list your home!  Here is what happens next. 

Listings, Lockbox, and Signs
We will place a for-sale sign in the yard and a lockbox will be attached to your house, most likely on the front door. The lockbox allows local agents access to the house once you approve an appointment. We will place your home in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This notifies all other agents in the area that your home is for sale.

Be a Neat Freak
Keeping your house in tip-top shape, especially if you have kids and pets, is one of the more difficult, but most important parts of selling your home. Remember, buyers will walk into your house and try to picture living there, and we want them to focus on the house not what is in it.  Keep up your weekly cleaning routine eliminating dirt, animal hair and odors.  

You will be notified of all showing requests and given the opportunity to approve or decline a showing day and time. Allowing easy access to agents, sometimes with short notice, can often sell your house faster. Keep in mind that if buyers are more relaxed and will take more time considering, and asking questions about your house if you are not at home during the showing.   

Traffic Patterns
Depending on the market strategy, we may get the most traffic in the first two to three weeks after your house is listed.  Anyone looking for a house like yours will want to see it. Don't fret when the traffic dies down.  Buyers can take their time and usually do. If you have buyers come back a second or third time, it usually means they are seriously considering your home.  We will keep in contact with their agent to answer question and encourage an offer.  Any offers -- even one you consider low ball -- is a chance to begin negotiating, which often leads to a sale.

Changes in the marketplace
We will be following the marketplace to ensure your home is priced appropriately.  We can discuss and change the market strategy at any time based on your needs.  

Open Houses
Your agent may want to hold an open house if it will be beneficial based on the market strategy and location of the home.  Many sellers incorrectly think that open houses are needed to sell a house. In fact, few homes are sold at open houses.  Most serious buyers are working with an agent and prefer a private showing.  Also, most buyers search for homes on line, relying on pictures to decide if they want to see it.  We have found that quality photos and a detailed description of your home is more valuable than holding an open house.  

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